Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's this for, anyway?

The purpose of this page is simple: to provide a singular place to find solutions to problems I've encountered in programming projects. Hopefully, I can save someone else some trouble :)

For anyone who may be interested in the background details, I'm currently working on a large projected which involves providing access to existing business logic via a .Net web service. Initially the service will utilized by an outside company developing their own web site front end, but we are also developing our own presentation layer for testing (and eventually our own public release).

The project utilizes the following technologies:

  • Visual Basic 6 - all existing business logic is via VB6, logic that is much too large to port to .Net at this time.

  • Visual Basic.Net - the web service and test presentation layer

  • C# - to resolve a compatibility issue, which I plan to touch on in my first actual post.

  • XML

  • Ajax

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